Product Safety

Protection of Consumer Health & Safety

Our Group produces high quality products, while production is carried out based on a Quality Control System.


Our Group takes all possible protection measures and conducts all the necessary quality controls on its products, in order to ensure the health and safety of consumers. Moreover, the highest hygiene standards and the most strict quality controls are applied at each stage of the production process. It also sees that it receives all the necessary certifications for raw materials and in general materials used in the production process, when required either by law or by the Group’s internal processes.


Our Group has received the following certifications: ISO 9001 for the production of the SANITAS products (relevant information is available on the website, ISO 22716 for the production and packaging of sun care products, hair care products, skin care products and perfumery products as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the trade and distribution of medical devices for self-care and disposables.

Sustainable Consumption

Our Group is moving towards the idea of sustainable consumption by attempting to reduce non-sustainable production and consumption standards.


In this context, the Group does not apply testing of its products on animals.

It takes into account the following principles and according to each case the Group is responsible to:

  • Promote efficient education and motivate consumers to understand the consequences of their choices of products or services for their prosperity and the environment. It provides practical advice on how to amend their consumer habits and make the necessary changes.
  • Offer consumers a socially and environmentally useful range of products and services taking into account the entire lifespan and the reduction of adverse effects on society and the environment. Such environmentally friendly series of products are indicatively the Green Line series of Sanitas and the personal care products Bioten.

The Parent company in particular participates in the local packaging and packaging waste management system, with top priority on preventing the creation of packaging waste and with fundamental principles the re-use of packaging, recycling and other forms of packaging waste recovery, as stipulated by the EC directive 94/62.

Customer service-resolution of problems

Our Group is responsible to have mechanisms for the customer support, collection of complaints and resolution of problems.


More specifically, it proceeds with the following actions:

  • Apart from the consumer line, the Group has created a team for house visits in case of product failures if required. The team consists of two specialized company employees, one on technical issues and the other on marketing issues.
  • A specialized team operates in the factor and monitors and applies the regulatory framework, as such is stipulated by authorities such as the National Organization for Medicines and the Hellenic Food Authority.
  • The Group finances audits applied by specialized external factories with the objective that the products cover their production specifications.
  • It provides clear instructions to consumers in relation to the proper use, as well as how to handle cases where problems arise from the misuse of products.
The satisfaction level of consumers is reviewed regularly through research applied by specialized providers.
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