Social Responsibility

Our Group participates in social activities for the improvement of the environmental quality and the improvement of people’s quality of life.


The company often sponsors products and relevant material to groups and social organizations that support environmental initiatives. It provides monetary resources, computers or other material to non-profit organizations and foundations to cover their needs. Also, it encourages its employees to actively participate in charitable projects and in environmental protection projects. Participation in the community and local development are key objectives for our Group as they are integral to sustainable development. The Group respects the following principles:


  • The Group is part of the community as it touches on the issues of community participation and community development.
  • The Group recognizes and takes into account the rights of community members regarding decision making on matters that concern the community, thus ensuring maximization of community resources and opportunities for residents.
  • The Group recognizes and takes into account the characteristics of the community in which it operates and specifically the culture, religion, traditions and history of the community.
The Group recognizes the value of employment and supports the exchange of resources, experiences and efforts.
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